Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Hired! (sort of)

Well, my job hunting days may be coming to an end. It's a funny situation where if the company gets the contract, I'm hired. And it's probably the company will get the contract.

But what if they don't?

On one hand, I'm definitely excited by the possibility of working for the company and hope it works out. The question that festers in my brain is will they hire me if they *don't* get the contract. Or even better, might they bring me on the payroll before the contract announcement.

I understand why companies do these sort of things. If they don't have a position for me, it's unlikely they'd create one just for me.  (Although, that would be pretty awesome.)

I think I have to realize that getting the contract gives them the money to pay me. Otherwise, it's just another drain on their overhead (aka profit). And if they did bring me on beforehand and then *didn't* get the contract. What then?

So I understand the situation and that I'm wanted by a company. The immediate excitement of the contingent offer has waned as the "contingent" part (and the waiting) starts to come to the front of my mind.

I guess I'm not off the hook for job hunting. I can't depend on the possibility of the company winning the job. And I guess that's the most frustrating thing.

I'm ready to be done searching and looking and doing interviews. I want to start building an appropriate wardrobe for the job I'll be working. I want to start looking for a place to live that's not my in-law's basement.  (Which is actually very nice, btw.)

Hopefully my life will come off hold soon.

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