Monday, August 1, 2011

Phase Two, Where I Learn What I Want to be When I Grow Up

And the job search is on!

Resumes are flying out and even a couple calls on the very first day of my terminal leave from the Air Force.  That was a little crazy, especially since one was to gauge interest in a job in Stuttgart, Germany!  No response back from the company after the brief phone interview, though.  (It was my first phone call and completely unexpected.  I did a little better the next one that day.)

However, even thinking about that job made me realize that I should really think more about the next step in my life instead of just getting a job to get a job.  After doing a "Where do you want to live?" survey that was pretty comprehensive, it's become apparent that we're interested in moving from Florida to Texas. Specifically the San Antonio, Austin, Houston area.  (Mostly San Antonio.  Have you SEEN some of the houses?  Crazy big for the price!)

So I have my resume on a few sites and put in some applications at various places (some even outside of the typical government contractors).

It's an exciting time because now I can decide what I want to be, where I want to go.  The Air Force tended to decide that for me.  I'm not complaining as I really had a great 22 years and did some fun things and got to meet lots of interesting people.

Now it's my time.  :)

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